Engaged Mandarin


The Mandarin version of SmartLoving Engaged is translated from the English edition.

  • The Participant Handouts can be printed by the Engaged couple or their Mentors (2 print copies per registration). These are fully translated into Mandarin.
  • The course videos have been subtitled in Mandarin, and graphics pages have had English text replaced with Mandarin. Transcripts in Mandarin are also available.
  • Mentor Guides are in English only, so your Mentor will be bilingual.
  • Additional resources included in this package are presently only available in English:
    • Fertility Course (including the Total Gift of Self introduction to Natural Fertility)
    • Catholic Wedding Planner
    • Engaged Member Hub and articles
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Key Features:

  • Facilitated by trained bi-lingual mentors (if your mentors require access to the course please contact us.)
  • Six sessions of approximately 3 hours including take home activities
  • Each session includes private couple sharing and innovative tools to help form good relationship habits
  • Self-print Participant handouts that have all couple activities (only 2 print copies permitted per couple)


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