Marriage Kit – Plug & Play

Plug & Play Notes support you in hosting a group course either in a physical setting (e.g. a church, parish hall, or loungeroom) or virtually via webinar.



Leader Notes Include:

  1. Team preparation and promotion of the course
  2. Step-by-step instructions for each in-person gathering
  3. Follow-up communication and social media content following each session

Participant Handouts include:

  1. Activities for each of topic in each lesson
  2. Formatted as an interactive PDF to be used on a digital device
  3. Print ready for those who prefer to work with pen & paper

Download Complete PDF
Download Lesson 1
Download Lesson 2
Download Lesson 3
Download Lesson 4
Download Lesson 5

Prayer… a vital part of the course:

  1. Print ready business card template
  2. Self-print on your office computer and manually cut into cards, or
  3. Forward the file to your local stationery printer

Course Lessons

Stream video lesson

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Marketing Materials

Digital & Print Resources

Pulpit talks are effective in raising awareness among your regulars who may become participants and also for marshalling prayer and practical support. Many people feel self-conscious about signing up for a ‘marriage course’, believing that it signals that their marriage is in trouble.

Use your pulpit talks to dispel this myth by having past participants share their experience of struggle and recovery. It is tremendously important that we provide a witness of married love as a work in progress – this will help reset the shame culture around marriage difficulties to one of proactive engagement and community support.

A heartfelt appeal from your pastors about the importance of marriage, it’s role in the life of the community and its spiritual relevance can have high impact. As a father figure, and a spiritual authority, reminding couples of their responsibility to actively nurture their marriage is a vital aspect of normalising marriage formation.

We suggest that the team review and workshop any talks to ensure that they stay within boundaries of respect for the privacy of the spouses and avoid inadvertent offense.

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