Impact Quiz – 6 month Post Course

Thanks for being part of our research project. Our goal is to better understand how relationships work and how this course is impacting the participants so that we can improve our service. Thanks for coming back again – we really appreciate your insights.


All data is analysed without identifying information. This is why we sometimes ask the same questions that you have already completed in your enrolment form. Individual responses are NOT shared with anyone other than our research team.

Please answer honestly as you can – its not a test, and there are no right answers. And please, only answer for yourself, and not your partner.

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Impact Quiz: 6 months Post Course

If you are doing this quiz as a couple you can complete the quiz twice - once for each of you. Your score will be displayed on the screen after you press submit.

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Thinking about your relationship in the past week (if it wasn't a typical week, answer in terms of a typical week in the past month)...
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