FSSP Clergy Talk Nov 2023

Dear Fathers,

We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with you. When referring couples to SmartLoving, we would encourage you to use the landing page: www.smartloving.org/engaged
We'd also encourage you to think about any married parishioners who would be suitable Sponsor couples. We will be running Sponsor Orientation webinars periodically from which couples can discern if they would like to step into this ministry. There is no cost to the Sponsor couple or the parish.
Details are below.
in faith and in love,
Francine Pirola
Director SmartLoving
Laura Cain
Community Engagement SmartLoving

Resources Mentioned

Slide Deck - The Marriage Catechumenate

Presentation to FSSP clergy 

Download the PDF.

Sponsor Couple Orientation Webinars

Are there couples in your parish who are passionate about marriage, evangelisation and helping couples to thrive in their Catholic marriage?

If the answer is yes, please let them know about the orientation webinars for new Sponsor Couples. Register here | Information for Sponsor couples

Set up a Marriage Catechumenate in Your Parish

SmartLoving offers a range of programs and resources to equip clergy, lay leaders, dioceses and parishes with the important task of marriage preparation and ongoing formation for married couples.

Explore our courses and discover how to set up a marriage catechumenate in your parish. Visit: www.smartloving.org/leaders

The Marriage Catechumenate Article

As a new idea, the definition of the Marriage Catechumenate is still evolving. Originally presented as a point of comparison with the RCIA, it applied to the period between engagement (corresponding to the catechumenate) and into the newlywed years (corresponding with the mystagogy). Read more.

Catechumenal Pathways for Married life

Summary of the document from the Dicastery of Laity Family and Life, 2022.

Watch Presentation on YouTube - Family as Key Evangeliser

We recently presented to the Sydney clergy conference. If interested, you can watch the presentation on YouTube here. 


Communio is a nonprofit that consults with churches equipping them with proven strategies and technologies to solve the family and faith crisis.

Slide Deck with key statistics 

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