Project: Refilm Engaged Course Ch 7: Love Gives Life (Total Gift of Self)

We’re raising funds to refilm Chapter 7 of our Engaged course which teaches couples Fertility Awareness Methods.
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SmartLoving Engaged has prepared tens of thousands of couples globally for the Sacrament of Marriage. It includes 5 video lessons on Fertility Awareness Methods.

These videos were taken from our course: A Total Gift of Self, a unique and separate course recorded in 2008. We incorporated it into the Engaged online course. Over a decade later that original footage is looking dated.

It's time for a make-over!

PROJECT UPDATE - We are now in post-production editing the new videos.

  • CAMPAIGN GOAL : $15,000


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Stages of Development

Milestone 1: November 2021 | Revise the text, recruit expert contributors and testimonials

To capture why Fertility Awareness Methods are an amazing part of God's plan for raising a family, we will invite medical and theological experts as well as couples to share their testimonies. 

Milestone 2: January 2021 | Record narration, film 'actors', source stock images and music

In this phase we will arrange to record a professional voice actor to narrate the script. We also need to purchase stock footage and music, film the expert contributors and collect testimonials from couples. 

Milestone 3: 2022 | Post-production and publishing

We will bring all the content together in post-production. After collating the freshly recorded presentations with new music, stock footage, and narration, we'll update the animations. Final revisions, proofing and formatting for distribution will perfect the final product.  

How you can contribute

Financial donation

A financial gift will support the project by covering the following expenses

  • $20 = Stock photos or illustration
  • $50 = Stock video footage
  • $100 = Music licensing
  • $500 = Professional fees for voice artist
  • $1000 = Camera Operator
  • $5000 = Post-production editing

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Share your testimonial

Are you willing to share your fertility story on film to encourage future couples? Contact us to discuss:

Pray for our apostolate

Add this project, and those working on it, to your prayer intentions.

Our SmartLoving apostolate strives to present the Church's teaching about marriage, sex and our fertility in an engaging, modern way. Re-making this chapter will ensure we do justice to the inspiring teachings of Theology of the Body, in a way that transforms hearts and speaks truth to the couples to whom we minister.

Compare the Pair

The videos in Chapter 7 of the course, filmed at an earlier time are now looking dated in comparison with the videos of other chapters that were recorded later. It's amazing how fashion as well as camera technology changes and evolves! As you can see from the screenshot below it is time for an update of the Chapter 7 videos.


Video Examples

Here is an example of Lesson 7.4 titled: A vision of life and love. Although the content is still relevant, as you can see the video clips, photos and music, need an update.

Comparing the video on the left with a video from Lesson 3 of the Engaged Course, you can see the videos were recorded at different times. We want to update, improve and modernise all the videos in Chapter 7 so they match the look and feel of the entire course.

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Testimonials from our Graduates


"The SmartLoving Marriage course’s core principle of dialogue and understanding echoed our deep-rooted belief in honest, open communication and this has helped us grow and deepen our love for each other. We are grateful for this course."

Angela & Thomas

Engaged Graduates

"SmartLoving has taught us that marriage is a journey and that everyday we need to choose each other and choose to love each other. We will continue to use the tools and strategies we have been taught and hope to inspire other engaged couples soon."

Janine & Sebastian

Engaged Graduates

"An easy, beautiful and modern approach to marriage preparation. We loved the experience as it really confirmed all the reasons why we were getting married and made us excited to begin the next chapter of our lives together."

Denise & Oliver

Engaged Graduates

"Completing the Smart Loving course was easy, efficient & modern. It confirmed all the reasons why we wanted to get married and excited us to begin our next chapter together."

Britt & Joe

Engaged Graduates

"The connect kiss (10 seconds contact) is really helping us. After we miss each other or haven’t seen each other for long we hug and kiss each other for 10 seconds and it seems magical."

Lovita & Priston

Engaged Graduates

"We loved doing the SmartLoving Engaged course. We learnt so much from it and would recommend it to all couples."

Jacinta and Jason

SmartLoving Graduates