Engaged Course

SmartLoving offers its preparation for Catholic marriage course in two formats:

  1. Online: Engaged is available as a fully online, comprehensive course which addresses a variety of topics to help couples prepare for Catholic marriage.
  2. Face-to-face: This format uses the same video content as the online course with the added benefit of a married mentor couple who will lead you through the course and share their experiences and learnings over the years.


A short online course for individuals in stressed marriages.

BreakThrough provides insights into the dynamics between men and women, exploring their differences and uncovering truths about relationships.

It offers practical tips and tools to rebuild the romance in a marriage and helps couples to move forward.


Marriage Seminar

A seminar for couples who want to take time out to focus on their marriage.

The weekend (or one day) seminar provides a comprehensive curriculum spread over a variety of topics for spouses to explore with each other and grow closer in their relationship.