Mercy Gospel Reflection: Jul 17

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples17 July – 16th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s Gospel, we hear the challenging story of Martha and Mary.Many married couples can equate to Martha’s experience.While our spouse just

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: Jul 10

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples10 July – 15th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s Gospel, we hear Jesus’s parable of the Good Samaritan in response to the lawyer’s question, “Who is my neighbour?”Take sometime

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: Jul 3

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples3 July – 14th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s Gospel, Jesus sends forth the seventy-two disciples, in pairs, to proclaim the Kingdom of God.God has also given you and

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Mercy Gospel Refection: June 26

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples26 June – 13th Sunday in Ordinary TimeThis week’s Gospel ends with the words of Jesus, “Once the hand is laid on the plough, no one who looks back

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: June 19

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples19 June – 12th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s gospel, Jesus challenges us with the words “For anyone who want to save his life will lose it; but

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: June 12

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples12 June – 11th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s Gospel, we are reminded of Jesus incredible mercy and forgiveness as Christ offers his forgiveness to Mary of Magdalene.Jesus

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: June 5

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples5 June – 10th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn this week’s Gospel, Luke tells us that Jesus felt sorry for a widow grieving the loss of her only Son.Many couples

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: May 29

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples29 May – The Most Holy Body and Blood of ChristIn this week’s Gospel, despite being in a “lonely place” Jesus takes five loaves, and two fish, and with

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Mercy Gospel Reflections: May 22

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples22 May –The Most Holy TrinityThis week, we celebrate Trinity Sunday.It is a time to reflect on the meaning of the Holy Trinity.The Church claims that Trinitarian love

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Mercy Gospel Reflection: May 15

 Gospel Reflections for Married Couples15 May – Pentecost SundayIn today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us that, “if you love me, you will keep my commandments.”Are there times in your marriage when you could be more

Mercy Gospel Reflection: May 152017-09-20T14:05:46+10:00
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