Help for marriages under stress

Breakthrough the issues at play in your marriage
Identify your conflict triggers
Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

BreakThrough gives you the necessary content and tools for your stressed relationship as provided by world leaders in marriage education, Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

It’s easy to get discouraged by our disconnection. Arguments over petty incidents, too busy to romance each other, crowded with other responsibilities. We all go through these periods that we need a breakthrough in our relationship.

Learn how arguments happen: manage them better or avoid them altogether
Understand your internal drivers: and how your spouse is triggering you
Process the pain of past injuries: making you stronger and less reactive
Restore hope for your relationship’s future: with practical strategies

BreakThrough Really Works

SmartLoving BreakThrough is a practical, solution-focused workshop for all stages of marriage. Drawing on contemporary research and Catholic theology, this workshop will arm you with skills and insights to transform your relationship into the thriving, joy-filled encounter that it is meant to be.

Who's it for?

Who should register?

  • Couples in stable marriages who are experiencing disconnection.
  • Husbands or wives, with or without their spouse, in stressed marriages.
  • Those who are supporting someone in a difficult marriage (family, friend, etc)
Strictly private

Privacy Assured

In registering for a BreakThrough event, you can be assured that none of your personal information will be shared with third parties.

Your privacy and confidentiality are strictly respected.

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