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The Communion of persons

Ron and Kathy Feher describe the late Pope John Paul II's concept of "The communion of persons" and how it relates to the topic of dialogue.

The Communion of persons2020-10-22T11:50:30+11:00

Spiritual Practices in Marriage

What are the spiritual exercises for married couples? Ron and Kathy Feher talk about how practices from religious life can be adapted for the married couple.

Spiritual Practices in Marriage2020-10-27T15:15:12+11:00

Influences of the Family of Origin

Our Family of Origin has enormous impact on the formation of our ideas and expectations for our relationships. Ron and Kathy Feher explore some influential factors.

Influences of the Family of Origin2021-01-05T14:57:06+11:00

The Brighter Side to Arguments

Are arguments a problem in a marriage? Many people think that the presence of arguments signal that something is fundamentally faulty with the relationship.Ron and Kathy Feher explore how arguments do not signify something

The Brighter Side to Arguments2020-10-23T13:26:32+11:00

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is not an emotion - it's a choice to surrender our case against the other, to lay down our resentment. Ron & Kathy Feher explore the role of forgiveness in marriage.

What is Forgiveness?2020-10-23T11:48:59+11:00

Parental Hurts

Ron and Kathy Feher explain how emotional injuries from one's parents or family of origin can influence our behaviour into our adulthood and impact on our marriage.

Parental Hurts2021-01-29T15:07:13+11:00

Compatible and Sub-optimal Formation

Ron and Kathy Feher explain how some aspects of one's family of origin are compatible can still be harmful to our marriage. That is, we might both have a similar formation in a

Compatible and Sub-optimal Formation2020-10-22T13:53:03+11:00
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