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Because Every Marriage Matters…

SmartLoving is a series of resources supporting couples in their commitment life-cycle. It’s brought to you by the Marriage Resource Centre.

The series honours and celebrates the unique strengths of both men and women, allowing each partner to engage freely and confidently. It’s an experience which provides the freedom to have a future. Smart Loving helps participants emerge stronger, as a couple, and as individuals. The investment of time and energy generates improved relational health and greater personal fulfilment. Smart Loving draws from a wealth of research, theology, and experience to provide a compelling and focused approach to building marriages.

The courses are positive and solution oriented so that men and women feel encouraged and equipped to love their spouse in practical and intimate ways. Whatever season of marriage, Smart Loving sets couples up for success with practical strategies for emotional, sexual and spiritual happiness. If you are in a solid, loving marriage, and are looking to advance your relationship, think about joining hundreds of couples who have attended SmartLoving (originally named ‘Celebrate Love’ 1985 – 2012). With a supportive environment, each couple is able to set the level of their own conversation to ensure it’s an intimidation-free zone. For couples preparing for marriage, SmartLoving Engaged  (originally named ‘Embrace’ 2005-2012) is a multimedia course that is accessible through couple-to-couple mentoring, small groups and correspondence.