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"SmartLoving has been very helpful in helping me tackle issues we had been treading around, reconcile and ‘rekindled the fire’ " Jackie and Peter
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  • Save a marriage for $200

    Originally appeared in the Catholic Leader, June 22by Francine & Byron Pirola In July, the Federal Government’s pilot ‘relationship voucher scheme’ comes into effect. The trial period has budgeted for 100,000 couples to receive a $200 voucher...
  • How Porn Kills Great Sex in Marriage

    According to Sam Black of Covenant Eyes, there are four fundamental ways that pornography undermines marital sex. Contrary to expectations, porn won’t make you a better lover, it won’t spice things up, it certainly won’t help you...
  • SL eNews July

    From the Editors We’re delighted to welcome Dr. Gregory Popcak as one of our regular contributers. He and his wife have been married 24 years and he is the author of a number of books including Holy...
  • Conscious Uncoupling Debunked

    First appeared in the Catholic LeaderBy Francine & Byron Pirola When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their intention to ‘consciously uncouple’ last month, the twitter-sphere went crazy. Not only is a Hollywood bust up big news,...
  • A Fine Romance?

    Re-posted with permission by Dr. Gregory Popcak Alexis and Jake have been married 11 years. They have three kids, two jobs, one dog and a whole lot of stress. “Sometimes it’s just so hard to find any time...
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