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"SmartLoving has been very helpful in helping me tackle issues we had been treading around, reconcile and ‘rekindled the fire’ " Jackie and Peter
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  • Save a marriage for $200

    In July, the Federal Government’s pilot ‘relationship voucher scheme’ comes into effect. The trial period has budgeted for 100,000 couples to receive a $200 voucher towards the cost of a relationship education class run by approved providers....
  • SL eNews December 2014

    From the Editors It’s been a very eventful six months for us here at SmartLoving HQ. Not only have we just about finished a revamp of the SL Engaged course, we’ve also launched a brand new initiative....
  • Is the Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex?

    By Bernard Toutounji (Foolish Wisdom) Without a doubt, the articles I write which attract the most feedback (positive or negative) are always those that discuss sexual morality and the Catholic Church. Nothing seems to raise the emotions...
  • What if Your Soul Mate Doesn’t Exist?

    An article by Danielle Ayers Jones who puts the spot light on the obsession of looking for “the one” (Also see The Soul Mate Quest) Six months into my relationship with Josh, I began to feel some...
  • What Me Worry

    When Worry is a Way of Life “I’m so worried one of my kids will get sick and die.” “I have to hold my grandson’s hand every second or some pedophile will come and kidnap him.” “You got...
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