We need you
Are you married five or more years, a regular church goer and willing to share your wisdom with an engaged couple?

Through your marriage, you can make a powerful impact on an engaged couple. Be a witness to the beauty of Catholic marriage by walking through our online course with them and be their support along the way. 
Why be a mentor?

Because you will be a part of something great!
Being a mentor to the engaged will not only reinvigorate your own marriage, but it will help young couples to build the marriage they've always hoped for with your personal support.

How much do I commit?

You can opt in for 1 couple or 20 couples! It's completely up to you. You decide how many couples you're willing to mentor, and if something comes up, you can opt out at any time.

How do I start?
Once you have access to the mentor hub which includes all the materials you need, talk to your parish priest and get him to send you the next engaged couple in your parish so that they can sign up and begin the course with you!

Thinking about becoming a mentor?

We need energised, faith-filled married couples to share their passion for marriage with engaged couples. If you are in a valid Catholic marriage and would like to become a Mentor couple, we’d love to hear from you! 

To mentor through Engaged Online, you won't need any formal training: simply enrol as a participant and make your way through it simultaneously with an engaged couple. All mentor couples, have access to our Mentor Hub – a members only area where you can access additional resources, training videos and our mentor forum.

Ready to begin?
If you'd like to bring this course to your parish for the engaged couples marrying there, enrol now to become their mentor. 
Or, if you'd like to join the SmartLoving team of volunteer couples, express your interest and we'd love to get in touch!
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