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Information for Parishes

Engaged Online allows you to provide flexible, high quality marriage preparation from within your own parish. Designed to be experienced over a period of two to four months, Engaged Online responds to the call of the recent Synods on the Family for marriage preparation to be more like a catechumenate than a once off course that is completed in a day or weekend.

How it works

Initial Meeting & Enrolment

  • The Priest/Deacon meets with the Engage Couple to complete paperwork, book the church and enrol in SmartLoving Engaged Online.
  • If you want your couple to have a mentor, you can provide one from the parish, or ask the engaged couple to approach a parish couple.

Course Participation

  • The couple completes the course at their own pace, ideally one lesson per week. Each lesson includes tools to practice before the next lesson.
  • If they are accompanied by a Mentor, the two couples meet regularly to discuss the key concepts using the discussion guide provided. 

Graduation & Follow Up Meeting

  • Once the last lesson has been completed, the couple can order their Course Report and Completion Certificate
  • Couples and clergy meet to review the Course Report and discuss what they have learned.


Bring SmartLoving Engaged Online to your Parish

Option 1: Keep it Simple

You can opt for a simple, no fuss solution by instructing your engaged couples to enroll in the Self-Directed track. They will then be back in your office several months later with their course report detailing their learning.

Option 2: Parish Mentors

If you are a well-resourced parish, you may want to consider a more active solution by recruiting Mentor couples from among your parishioners. This has the advantage of allowing regular face to face meetings between mentor and engaged couple and provides your married couples with a powerful marriage enrichment experience.

As the online environment is designed to be a self-contained, self-directed experience, all Mentor couples need to do is to do the course themselves, meeting with the engaged couple over coffee or a meal to talk about the course using the Discussion Questions provided in the workbooks.

Mentor-engaged meetings are fully flexible:

  • Frequency: meet for every lesson, or only a few times, covering several Lessons in each meeting.
  • Location: in the Mentor’s home, parish facilities, a local cafe or park.
  • Mode: in person or connect by phone or video-link.
  • Format: couple to couple, or in bigger groups with several engaged couples simultaneously. 

Parish Involvement

You might like to ‘bookend’ the course with a blessing at Sunday Mass for the engaged at the beginning of the course and then again on graduation, making your marriage ministry more present to your parish community, thus helping to recruit more mentors. It’s really up to you to decide the best formula for your parish. 


Want more detail?

We have a simple information sheet that outlines the basic process for starting a marriage catechumenate in your parish with SmartLoving Engaged Online.

Download your Parish Information eBook 

Download a printable Parish Information Sheet (A3)

Prepay Bulk Discounts

for parishes, dioceses and organisations

Access our discounted rates through our prepay bulk system.

How our Prepay bulk discounts work

  1. You purchase the desired quantities of Standard and/or Mentor units (sold in blocks of 10 or 50).  
  2. When we receive your order, we generate ‘coupon codes’ unique to your organisation which allows your couples to enrol in the course, without needing to pay.
  3. We send you your code with instructions for your couples on how to redeem it.   

Who can use your Coupon codes?

Standard Coupon Codes can be used by any couple: dating, engaged, newlywed, married. However, if you have mentors (married, clergy, parish staff etc), you might want to access our special Mentor discounts up to 65% off the standard rate. These may only be used by parish staff or mentors who are accompanying another couple in the regular course.

Order SL Engaged Online Prepay Coupons

When we receive your order we will issue an invoice. Payment is required before coupons will be supplied.
  • Order Details

    Prices are shown in Australian Dollars. Customers are responsible for currency exchange costs.
  • SL Engaged Online enrolments for any couple. Approx USD400 | GBP372
    Price: $ 600.00 Quantity:
  • SL Engaged Online enrolments for any couple. Approx USD1700 | GBP1400
    Price: $ 2,250.00 Quantity:
  • SL Engaged Online enrolment for mentors and parish leaders. Approx USD125 | GBP99
    Price: $ 165.00 Quantity:
  • SL Engaged Online enrolment for mentors and parish leaders. Approx USD468 | GBP367
    Price: $ 615.00 Quantity:
  • SL Engaged Online Participant Workbooks - print copies. (Require 2 per couple). Approx USD265 | GBP218
    Price: $ 350.00 Quantity:
  • SL Engaged Online Participant Workbooks - print copies. (Require 2 per couple). Approx USD905 | GBP745
    Price: $ 1,200.00 Quantity:
  • $ 0.00
  • Please note: If you have ordered workbooks, shipping will be added to your invoice.

The Original Face to Face Course

SmartLoving Engaged was originally published in 2007 as a face-to-face course. Optimised for couple-to-couple mentoring in the mentor’s home, the course has been successfully adapted to group settings.

The online and face-to-face course share the same curriculum, although the content is organised a little a differently (9 lessons in the online version, 6 sessions + at-home session in the face-to-face version). One advantage the online course brings is the ease of start up as no training is required for mentors. This puts parish-based marriage ministry within the reach of every parish.

View the video  made by the Archdiocese of Westminster about SL Engaged.

Engage from Catholic Westminster on Vimeo.