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Engaged Online allows you to provide flexible, high-quality marriage preparation from within your own parish.

Designed to be experienced over a period of two to four months, Engaged Online responds to the call of the recent Synods on the Family for marriage preparation to be more like a catechumenate than a once off course that is completed in a day or weekend.



Bring SmartLoving Engaged Online
to your Parish

Option 1: Keep it Simple

You can opt for a simple, no fuss solution by instructing your engaged couples to enroll in the Celebrant-Supervised track. They will then be back in your office several months later with their course report detailing their learning.

Option 2: Parish Mentors

If you are a well-resourced parish, you may want to consider a more active solution by recruiting Mentor couples from among your parishioners. This has the advantage of allowing regular face to face meetings between mentor and engaged couple and provides your married couples with a powerful marriage enrichment experience.

As the online environment is designed to be a self-contained, self-directed experience, all Mentor couples need to do is to do the course themselves, meeting with the engaged couple over coffee or a meal to talk about the course using the Discussion Questions provided in the workbooks. There is no training required, however parish mentors should meet the following criteria:

  1. Sacramentally married at least 5 years.
  2. Regularly practicing Catholics.
  3. Not a close friend or relative to the engaged couple and senior to them.

Mentor-engaged meetings are fully flexible:

  • Frequency: meet for every lesson, or only a few times, covering several Lessons in each meeting.
  • Location: in the Mentor’s home, parish facilities, a local cafe or park.
  • Mode: in person or connect by phone or video-link.
  • Format: couple to couple, or in bigger groups with several engaged couples simultaneously.

Parish Involvement

You might like to ‘bookend’ the course with a blessing at Sunday Mass for the engaged at the beginning of the course and then again on graduation, making your marriage ministry more present to your parish community, thus helping to recruit more mentors. It’s really up to you to decide the best formula for your parish.

Want More Detail?

We have a simple information sheet that outlines the basic process for starting a marriage catechumenate in your parish with SmartLoving Engaged Online.

Download info sheets
Print A3 Info Sheet