The perfect way for you to rejuvenate your marriage, journey with an engaged couple and bring life into the Church.
Renew your marriage
In revisiting the content of the marriage preparation course as you accompany an engaged couple, you and your spouse will relearn all the tips, tricks and tools that are relevant for keeping your relationship a priority and keeping it happy and healthy!
Prioritising your relationship
Inspire another couple
Couples often dive into marriage without thinking of the inevitable highs and lows it brings. Provide your insights and talk about your experiences to arm them with the knowledge and skills they will need to navigate through the many obstacles they will overcome together.  
Giving your support
Bring joy to the Church
The Catholic Church is not a building, it's a family, and it's up to us to bring the good news about marriage to those preparing to receive the sacrament. More than ever, we need couples on fire with love for each other and the faith to pass on their joy to those about to marry.
Building up the Chuch
"We knew the theory of  marriage being a sacrament, but we didn’t really experience it until we became Sponsors. Seeing how those young engaged couples respond, week after week, to our personal sharings allowed to experience our sacrament having a direct impact.”  

- Simon & Gabrielle
Be a part of something great!
Join couples around the world who are generously volunteering their time to support engaged couples.
We'll send you information and resources to forward to your parish priest so that he knows you have an interest in serving the couples in your parish.

How does this actually work?
The concept is simple, yet life-changing in practice.

​​​​​​​When an engaged couple signs up for their marriage preparation course, they receive a coupon code which is valid for 1 registration to the Online Sponsor Course. 

The Sponsor couple will use the code to register for free and work their way through the course at the same time the engaged couple works through their course. 

The course content is exactly the same, the only difference between the 2 courses is the time and progression locks which are applied only to the engaged couple's course. 

Both the sponsor and engaged couple plan meeting times after competing every 2-3 lessons to delve deeper into the content using the discussion guide provided, exchanging thoughts and building a mentor-relationship where the engaged couple can feel comfortable to ask their sponsors for advice now or in the future.

And that's it! Once the engaged couple completes the course online, they receive a completion certificate from our automated system.

For any questions, or more information contact us directly at: info@marriagerc.org

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