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Short Workshops

We have a series of workshops and talks to support singles, dating, engaged, newlywed and mature couples.

SmartLoving Fertility

Exploring natural fertility and effective fertility management, this workshop is ideal for singles wishing to understand their fertility, couples wishing manage their fertility, and for couples seeking to become pregnant. The workshop includes the scientific methodology of fertility management, an introduction to fertility awareness methods, and an exploration of the relational and theological implications.

SmartLoving Conflict

Join us as we unpack the dynamics of an argument to understand why and how conflict arises in intimate relationships. This powerful workshop helps participants recognise their conflict triggers, name and own their relational needs, and break free of debilitating resentments.

Ideal for young adults who want to live their relationships more intentionally, whether single or partnered.

SmartLoving Money

What has money got to do with relationships? For a start – its one of the top five topics that cause arguments among couples. Whether you are single, dating, engaged or newlywed, money is a topic of tension. 

SmartLoving Money  unpacks the principles and philosophy of smart money mangagement and is ideal for singles and couples looking to set themselves up for financial security, and relationship harmony.

Developed by leading Australian Management Consultant, Byron Pirola (Port Jackson Partners, Ltd), SmartLoving Money inspires and motivates participants for effective money management.

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