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It has helped to give us the right spiritual and intellectual environment to decide on how we can resolve certain things in our marriage Insight into resolving different aspects of our relationship – Sarah and Dave

Yes, especially learning about the verbal/emotional intimacy which we didn’t specifically know about. We will grow closer in intimacy especially learning about verbal intimacy. – Kate and Steve

It has helped confront some issues of hurt and communication in the sexuality of our marriage – painful but essential. – Concita and Damien

My eyes have been opened to what in me needs healing; how my unhealed history hurts my marriage; how I specifically fail to love my husband as he needs to be loved; how I can practically change this with the grace of God. It has rekindled hope where I thought there was none, and helped me to see how I shattered my love for my husband with the burden of self shame. Yes – very helpful in helping me tackle issues we had been treading around, reconcile and ‘rekindled the fire’. Very helpful, however many years one is married, to recapture treasured moments and bring to life dormant areas. It has helped us resolve two problems which weighed on us – for this we are very grateful. – Anita & Daniel


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