Prepare and Repair

Free Online Marriage Workshop for Catholic couples

Presented by Francine and Byron Pirola | SmartLoving co-authors

Saturday, September 12th, 2020

Session 1

For Couples | 9-10:30 am (UK)

Prepare and Repair

Two vital strategies for a flourishing marriage.

All marriages will come under stress. Sometimes this is from events or circumstances outside our control like a job loss, a challenging child, the death of a parent, or a pandemic! Other stresses come from within the marriage itself like a hurtful argument, a betrayal or the slow decay of intimacy caused by busyness or worry. Whatever the source, how do we prepare our relationship to resist the damage, and how do we repair it once the damage is done? With heartfelt stories from their own marriage, Byron and Francine will explore these issues and offer practical suggestions to deepen the marital bond and bring healing to the hurt in our relationships.

Session 2

For Leaders | 11 am-1 pm (UK)

Relationships under Stress

Tips, tricks and tools from SmartLoving to support leaders in their ministry to couples and families.

With so many couples and families under stress, how can parish communities and leaders bring healing and life? Byron and Francine will address two topics with open Q&A with participants:

  1. Jesus the Bridegroom – an inspirational exploration of the theology that underpins the importance of marriage in the evangelical mission of the church.
  2. The SmartLoving Online platform – an orientation and overview of resources available (many for free) to support mentors, clergy and other parish leaders.