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We offer a range of seminars and workshops
as well as DIY resources and courses:

MRC Facilitated Events & Courses

  1. SmartLoving Engaged – Delivered by MRC’s trained mentors, this multimedia, marriage preparation course is designed to equip engaged couples for Catholic marriage.  Read more: here
  2. SmartLoving Marriage – a two day seminar for married couples presented by MRC team couples. Read more: here
  3. SmartLoving Workshops & Talks– a series half day workshops and talks for couples presented by MRC team couples. Read more: here

‘Teach out of the Box’ Resources

  1. Engaged – A multimedia, parish-based marriage preparation course. Delivered by couple mentors, this course allows every parish to offer its own marriage preparation.  Read more: here
  2. Natural Fertility – A Total Gift of Self is a multimedia series of resources that promote natural fertility methods to couples across the life cycle. Read more:  here
  3. SmartLoving @ Home – a multimedia series of freestanding topics for use by couple gathering groups, for parish events or by individual couples. Read more: here

Preparation for Engaged Couples

Preparing engaged couples for marriage in the Catholic church is one of the great privileges of parish sacramental life. Yet for many parishes it remains a tedious and burdensome activity. While diocesan agencies provide thorough programs, they cannot provide the personalised encounter that a parish-based, mentor course offers.

Our marriage preparation curriculum features our unique integration of practical relationship skills with Catholic theology for a comprehensive and effective experience. It is approved for use in a number of dioceses in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Malaysia. It has been favourably evaluated by the Pontifical Council of the Family.

MRC offers a number of solutions to your marriage prep needs.

Option 1: Refer your engaged couples to SmartLoving

If you don’t have married couples suitable for mentoring the engaged, or don’t want to wait to get them trained, you can refer your engaged couples to our MRC network and we’ll match them with a suitable mentor couple. We can mentor couples who reside in remote locations and our flexible format allows us to respond to couples in unusual situations.

Simply refer your engaged couples to the SmartLoving website to register |  www.smartloving.org

  • Six sessions conducted as couple to couple mentoring over two months or in small groups over 2-6 weeks
  • MRC trained mentor couples provide a personal service to each engaged couple.
  • Ideal for parishes who don’t have the resources or need for its own marriage preparation team.
  • Receive feedback from each couple at the conclusion of the course.
  • Notes provided to assist you in debriefing with the couple and encouraging spiritual preparation.
  • MRC handles all the admin and supervision of mentors.
  • Cost: $310 per engaged couple, includes colour participant workbook x 2, and access to online resources including session videos, natural fertility video, wedding liturgy planner.

Option 2: Build a network of Mentors in your Parish

To maximise the evangelising impact on your engaged couples, build your own network of mentor couples in your parish.  E­ngaged couples form relationships with parishioners encouraging bonding and a deeper connection with your parish faith community. In addition, your parish Mentors experience the empowerment of their Sacrament of Marriage.

You can do this either by contracting MRC to train and supervise your married couple mentors, or purchase the Engage ‘Teach-Out-of-the-Box’ curriculum and provide your own training.

MRC Trained mentors:

  • All the benefits of SmartLoving Engage but with your own married parishioners providing the service
  • Mentors are fully trained and supported with ongoing formation by MRC
  • Flexible training options including cost effective remote coaching by our trainers using video conferencing or face to face.
  • Cost: $200-500 training plus Mentor materials.

Getting started is simple: identify suitable couples in your parish and send them to our ‘Become an MRC Mentor‘ page for information

Engage ‘Teach-Out-of-the-Box’ Curriculum:

  • The same, first class curriculum we use with our MRC Mentors
  • Ideal for parishes with an existing marriage prep team looking for a contemporary, multimedia-based course
  • Comprehensive materials include Mentor Guide with DVDs, access to online resources via the Mentor Member Hub
  • Optional access to MRC training if desired
  • Costs: Mentor Guide from $150 each  (bulk order and spouse copy discounts available)

Order now in the MRC bookstore or request a copy for review (30 days).