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We’ve had a bit of a break from our regular monthly eNews as we migrated over to our new websites. We hope you’ll take a look at the new site – it’s packed with articles, tips, quizes and new resources for couples right across the life cycle. And we’ve only just begun – we’re adding new resources every week.


Francine & Byron Pirola
Directors | Marriage Resource Centre


From the blog

Seven Deadly Habits | The behaviours that deal a deadly blow to relationships.

Anatomy of an Argument | Understanding how arguments start, escalate and hijack your common sense.

SmartLoving Keys| Basic principles to help you  love smarter.

Making Sense of Cohabitation | Contrary to popular wisdom, cohabitation lessens marital success. Here’s some reasons why.

Wedding Mayhem! | Weddings these days are fraught with stress for engaged couples.

New Products

The Ambitious Couple | What is the role of ambition in marriage?

Hear Me Know Me | It is often said that we cannot love what we do not know.

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