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We’re a bit late getting the eNews out this month…lots of things happening here with two new online courses going live in the next few weeks. The courses are an adaptation of the SmartLoving insights for a secular environment. That means that you’ll be able to share your SmartLoving experience with friends and family who aren’t Catholic or who you think might find the Catholic content distracting. We’ll have more news for you next month, so keep an eye out for the updates.


Francine & Byron
Directors | Marriage Resource Centre

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Feature Article: 

By Francine& Byron Pirola

When Desires Don’t Match

When couples marry they rightly expect that there will be a willing participation in a shared life together across a range of activities including sexual intimacy, intimate conversation and parenting for example. But what happens when there is a difference in the desire for the amount or style of one or more of these activities?

It’s called a ‘Desire Discrepancy’ and it happens in every marriage. For example Desire Discrepancy can occur in our social life; when one spouse is an introvert and the other an extrovert, there will inevitably be disagreements over how often to socialise together. While the extrovert can seek his or her socialisation fix without the introverted spouse, it can pose risks to the relationship if it develops into a frequent habit and causes him or her to neglect the marriage.  When the Desire Discrepancy falls in the areas of sexual intimacy, this can cause significant tension in a marriage as, unlike socialising, our marriage vows explicitly prohibit either spouse fulfilling this desire outside the marriage.

Importantly, whenever there is a Desire Discrepancy for a particular shared activity between us, there will be an imbalance of power; the one with the lower desire holds the power over the one with the higher desire. As a generalisation, women tend hold the power in the couple’s physical intimacy whereas men hold the power when it comes to intimate conversation. This is not intentional; it is simply the natural consequence of biologically driven sexual differences. Men have more testosterone and so have a steadier sex drive while women have a brain structure that supports the verbalisation of emotional experience.

Of course our marriage vows don’t just ask us to love each other to the level we desire; they call us to total self-giving. In practice this means loving the other the way they most desire to be loved, on their terms. This type of loving is not only good for the other it is also good for us as it takes us outside our own limitations and stretches us. This is what marriage does; it makes us grow, grow both together and individually.

We call this SmartLoving, loving the other the way they most experience love rather than the way we instinctually express love. It is true, generous loving. It is intentional loving. And importantly, over time it effectively manages Desire Discrepancies which, left unaddressed, undermine a marriage.

Being able and willing to meet the emotional and sexual needs of our spouse bonds us together and builds intimacy and affection. Equally, its absence does the opposite; and mostly it all happens without the conscious awareness of what’s going on.

The good news is it only takes one to start the process. You can choose to actively meet your spouse’s needs rather than stubbornly waiting for the other to change. The thing is, when our needs are being met by the other we naturally become more generous towards them and so the initiator can create a virtuous circle.

So be the first to act in love and selflessness and be the catalyst that begins the transformation of your marriage.

BreakThrough – Overcoming Relationship Gridlock

The BreakThrough Workshop focuses on debunking myths about marriage and providing information helpful to those in stressed or ‘gridlocked’ marriages. We have been delighted to receive overwhelming responses from participants on the content and practical strategies provided.

If you would like to host an event in their parish or would like further information, you can call our office on 02 9319 6280.

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When Desires Don’t Match | When couples marry they rightly expect that there will be a willing participation in a shared life together across a range of activities including sexual intimacy, intimate conversation and parenting for example. But what happens when there is a difference in the desire for the amount or style of one or more of these activities?

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