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 Lent has begun and it’s the perfect time to establish healthy new habits that will support our marriage and deepen our spiritual life. Here are three quick ways to live lent well with a marriage focus:

  1. Prayer – Pray every day for your spouse, for your marriage and be a better spouse. Here’s a simple prayer you can use.
    Lord, I thank you for the gift of my spouse and the blessings I have known through him/her.
    Forgive me for the times that I have failed to love my spouse as I should,
    and give me the grace to love more generously. Amen.
  2. Fasting – Fast from criticism for the whole of Lent. And no days off on Sunday for this one! Really, it’s so liberating! When we surrender the right (some people think it’s an obligation) to criticise, we stop looking for someone to blame. When things go wrong we’re more likely to approach it calmly and less likely to get uptight about who’s at fault. We relax and enjoy life more …and so does our spouse!
  3. Almsgiving – Our wedding vows call us to approach our marriage in the spirit of self-giving service. In the same way that we don’t expect a kick back when we give financially to a charity, once a week give something to your spouse without expectation of pay back. Do something nice for him or her according to what you know they would really appreciate – a back rub, some free time to read a book, a night off cooking, a car wash etc.

And by the way, don’t let the non-participation of your spouse be an excuse – these Lenten tasks can be done by any husband or wife on their own initiative.

 Wishing you a life giving and love growing Lent!

In Faith and Love,

Francine & Byron Pirola
Directors | Marriage Resource Centre



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Feature Article: Marrying Young

By Francine & Byron Pirola


Almost everyone has an opinion about the optimum age to marry but what does the data tell us?

We had an interesting call recently from a priest who had just interviewed an engaged couple. He was looking for some marriage preparation as the couple were ‘very young’. As he went on, it became apparent that this couple had some good things going for them – they didn’t want to live together and they were growing in their faith (he was rediscovering his through her). None-the-less, his family were negative about them marrying so young.

Eventually we asked what their ages were: 23 and 25. Oh. My. Goodness! We didn’t fess up that we were 27 and 21 on our wedding date, though we too were warned that we were too young to marry.

While it’s well known that the age at first marriage has been climbing (it now sits at around 28 and 30 for women and men respectively), it begs the question: what does the statistical evidence tell us about the optimum age for marriage?

Well, it does show that teenage marriage (ie less than 20) is associated with a higher incidence of divorce. Surprisingly, it also shows that after the mid-twenties there is no advantage to delaying marriage in terms of divorce prevention. In fact, some studies suggest that marrying after age 30 increases the risk of divorce.

Why would this be? Surely, if maturity helps couples make wiser choices about their marriage partner and establish better foundations for their relationship, more maturity should give us more wisdom and therefore more marriage stability.

In practice, what happens is the longer couples are in a relationship before marriage, the more likely it is that those relationships will be cohabitation ones or at least sexually active*. Cohabitation is a well-known risk factor for later divorce because couples tend to ‘slide’ into marriage through a phenomenon called ‘commitment creep’; as their lives become more entangled with shared resources and social networks, it becomes harder to break up. Long-time cohabitating couples often end up marrying because breaking up is too complex or painful.

Similarly, premarital sexual experience also undermines marriage stability with one study showing that each additional sexual partner increased the divorce incidence of a future marriage.^

Of course, there are likely other factors that play into this as well, such as the more entrenched one becomes in singledom, the more difficult it is to adjust to coupledom; many mature-age, first-time brides and grooms find surrendering their independence challenging.

So controlling for all the other factors, is our ‘young’ engaged couple ‘too’ young to marry? Turns out, the early twenties is the optimum time to tie the knot. That doesn’t mean that their marriage will be fail proof; there can be other factors or destructive behaviours that may undo them later on. What it does mean is that their celebrant and family can be reassured that their age is not a reason for concern.

*For more information: See Maybe I do, Chapter 8, Kevin Andrews: here
^For a listing of studies: See Focus on the Family: here
Further Reading: See the SmartLoving Series: Knot Yet: here

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