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Welcome to 2014! We’ve got ome exciting things planned for the year including the first Engaged Dinner Dates series and the Residential Retreat for married couples.

Don’t forget to celebrate St Valentine’s Day, see below for some resources.

In Faith and Love

Francine & Byron Pirola
Directors | Marriage Resource Centre


Join us for our first ever SmartLoving Marriage residential weekend to be held next year in March in the peaceful Carmelite Retreat Centre.

St Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming up next month – what better time is there to reflect on our relationships and grow in our love for one another. Visit ACMFC (Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council) for your free St Valentine’s Day kit! (Click here)



Do you know someone who’s stuck and can’t seem to break the cycle in their marriage? When everything seems too complicated, a little help goes a long way. The BreakThrough Workshop is a private 3 hour event which offers practical tips and tools for a way forward. For more information, click here

Weekly Podcast by Francine & Byron Pirola

Tune in to Wollongong’s weekly Catholic radio show, The Journey on Pulse 94.1FM every Sunday from 11am, to hear a variety of Catholic speakers including Fran & Byron Pirola.

Or, listen to their individual 2 minute podcasts here for their bite sized pieces of weekly wisdom.

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 From the blog

New Years Intentions | The new year has begun… how about a making a resolution worth sticking to?

Video: Kinetic Typography | What most women don’t know about hormonal contraception: a short video.

Faithful | What do the wedding vows really mean? We hear them all the time, but if we listen closely, there’s a lot of underlying meaning that comes with them. How can we best live them all faithfully?

Casual Sex and Depression Link | Study Says, Casual Sex Can Cause Depression – finally a study that reveals what already seemed to be common sense.

OTT Proposals | It seems that the wedding isn’t the only OTT (Over The Top) event for couples these days… now the proposal has to be an extravaganza too.

Video: WestJet Christmas Miracle | A truly lovely way airline WestJet shared the spirit of giving as Christmas drew near in 2013.

Connect Hug | A visually appealing answer to the question: How can couples reconnect when things are tense and distant between them? Preferably without words??

Loving Smarter | The most important element in relationships you NEED to get your head around! How to love another person intentionally.

Video: How to Fight a Baby | An instructional, light-hearted video by comedian Gavin McInnes on ‘How to fight your baby’ (which gained much media attention!)

Two of Us Series

Two of Us: Compliments & Criticisms | It can be quite easy to give someone a compliment and just as easy to criticize them. However, the effect each of these have is usually greater than we think.

Two of Us: Self Image | Recognising how we see our own self image, what affect this has on our family, and how our spouse can help.

Two of Us: Family | An exercise for couples to assess their family life and what areas could be improved.

Two of Us: Being Better | A reflective exercise to contemplate how you can improve your behavior and attitude for the benefit of both your spouse and children.

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Thinking of a gift for your friends or family?

Whether they’re celebrating an anniversary or getting engaged, our gift vouchers are a perfect experience they’re sure to love!

Take advantage of this years sale price of the Marriage Seminar at only $125 for a weekend event (includes meals). Purchase : here

The SmartLoving Engaged course is valued at $275. It’s the perfect engagement or wedding gift that will be used for the rest of their married lives. Purchase : here

SmartLoving @ Home

A series of DIY sessions you can use at home or in a small group. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can download the file at the time of purchase and use the material on your computer, mobile device or make a print copy.

SL@Home Grateful

Grateful | When gratitude is present in a marriage, the couple’s good humour and welcoming generosity make their homes places of hospitality and warmth for all their visitors.

Responsible Honesty | It’s more than not telling lies; in marriage it requires an willingness to share deeply and vulnerably.

Sexuality as Gift | Learning to appreciate our sexuality and build the sexual atmosphere between us.

The Ambitious Couple | What is the role of ambition in marriage?

Hear Me Know Me | It is often said that we cannot love what we do not know.

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