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acf-website-banner-cmj-mentee-1024x358The  Archdiocese of Singapore offers SL Engaged within the Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) to augment marriage preparation.

What does it take to “love” and “honour” someone “in good times and in bad … all the days” of your life? Are you prepared to go through difficult times with your partner? The Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) is an initiative designed to help couples to dedicate more time to prepare for the real challenges of marriage, by learning from the lived experience of their couple mentors.

The CMJ programme is a parish-based programme that integrates contemporary relationship psychology with Catholic theology, offering an effective and powerful experience for engaged couples and newly married couples.

Whether you are preparing for marriage, or a newly wedded couple, learn from the joys and challenges of more experienced married couples, be challenged to live an authentic love relationship centered on Christ, and build a firm foundation for your new life together.

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