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SmartLoving Engaged is an online course that will lead you and your fiancé through your marriage preparation process.  

There are 9 lessons in total, each taking about 1.5 hours to complete. We recommend that you do one lesson a week and take your time to understand the content and practise the life changing tools you will be learning. 

Sponsor Couples 

A Sponsor Couple is a married couple from the parish or your personal network who volunteers to accompany you as you work through the course, sharing their wisdom and supporting you in your preparation. You and your Sponsors meet up regularly, in-person or via video conference, to discuss the lesson questions on a schedule convenient to you. 

Sponsors have FREE access to the Sponsor course, which follows the same curriculum as the Engaged course and provides tips for these meetings.   

It is not compulsory to have a Sponsor Couple but we strongly encourage it as they will greatly enhance your experience. You are responsible for asking a married couple to be your Sponsors and providing them with the workbooks. 

Please note: You only need 1 registration for the both of you, sharing the one login Your Sponsor Couple will create their own account and can access the Sponsor course here

Choose your Track* 

Self-Directed Track: $164 

  • Access to Engaged course
  • Access to Fertility course  
  • 2 Workbooks (incl shipping)  

Parish Sponsor Track: $170  

  • Access to Engaged course  
  • Access to Fertility course  
  • 4 Workbooks (incl shipping) – one set for you, one set for your Sponsors.  


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Self-Directed $164, Parish Sponsor $170