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Marriage Kit – Enrichment for Married Couples

Investing in your marriage and your relationship with each other is important.
The Marriage Kit created by SmartLoving is an online course for married couples wanting a lasting, passionate relationship.

Breakthrough – for Marriages Under Stress

Many couples at various stages of their marriage face times where they feel stuck and are at a standstill in their relationship. The SmartLoving Breakthrough course helps marriages under stress by working with individual spouses to optimise their interior peace so that they can approach their difficulties from a position of strength and love.

This course will help to:

    • Identify conflict triggers
    • Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
    • Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

Fertility – Natural Family Planning

    • Manage your fertility naturally, confidently and with more freedom.
    • Grow closer as a couple.
    • Raise a family and keep your marriage vibrant.

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A short course exploring the application of the Theology of the Body to spiritual exercises for the married.

You will learn: