Mercy Gospel Reflection: Nov 20


Gospel Reflections for Married Couples

20 November  – Feast of Christ the King

On the Feast of Christ the King this year, we reflect on the repentant thief.

Just as on that day at Calvary, every marriage is made up of three persons; a husband, wife and Christ.

Think about your relationship with Christ in relation to your marriage.

Which thief do you want to be more like?

If there have been times when you’ve let your spouse down, find time this week to apologise and recommit yourself to your marriage, especially, for the coming season of Advent.

A Reflection by Karen and Derek Boylen

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About the Author:

Derek is a marriage counsellor and Director of Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services for the Archdiocese of Perth. Karen is a Speech Pathologist and home-schooling Mum. Together they have seven children, two dogs, one cat and a budgie. They like curry and red wine.

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