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The Marriage Kit – Online Accompanied course, is a ten week program for married couples wanting a lasting, passionate relationship.


Facilitated through the SmartLoving learning platform, from the privacy of your home, the course includes self-directed learning with your spouse that you complete together.

Six facilitated online meetings will provide you with opportunities to ask questions, share your insights and connect with other couples in the course.


The first online meeting (insert your date) will be an orientation session where we’ll show you how to navigate the course and set you up for your learning at home.

We’ll gather online via (insert the software your group will be using, e.g. Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx ) every 2 weeks to go through some discussion questions from the previous lesson.


In a Nutshell

Start Date: [insert date]

Zoom Meetings: [insert day of the week {i.e. Monday evenings} from {list five dates}]

[insert start time {i.e. 8.30pm} if you live in {insert states} i.e. 8.30PM if you live in NSW]

[{5.30PM} if you live in {WA}]

(Each Zoom session will last approx 1 -1.5 hours).

Cost: [insert cost]


  • High speed internet connection (so you can stream the videos and attend the Zoom discussions)
  • A device to access the course (eg laptop, smartphone or tablet). Ideally you will both have your own device so that you can access the online inventories and quizzes simultaneously.
  • Writing paper/notebooks and pens x 2 (for some of the reflections)

If you have any questions  you can call SmartLoving on: 0434 346 280 or [insert diocese leader or parish leader’s name and phone here].

How it works


Please register and complete Lesson 1 with your spouse before the first session on 9 Feb.


As soon as you register, we’ll send you a link (URL) for the first online meeting. This meeting will include an orientation to show you how to log in and use the online platform and to complete Lesson 1. If you can’t make this first meeting, we will record it and send you the link to watch later. After the orientation session we will invite you to complete the “Pre-course Marital Potential Quiz”. You’ll be able to take this quiz again at the end of the course to see the positive impact the course has had on your relationship.


You as a couple will then have time to work your way privately through Lesson 1. There are 6-7 topics in each lesson and it takes about 2 hours to complete each lesson. You can complete the whole lesson in one sitting, or do one unit per day – your choice. You can also complete the lesson remotely if one of you needs to travel for work. If you have questions or need help, you can contact us through the Help Centre, the forum or [email protected].


On the scheduled dates, we’ll gather online to review the previous lessons, share our insights and answer any discussion questions. No one will be required to share anything unless they choose to, so you can rest assured that your privacy will be respected at all times. These online meetings will be an opportunity for you to experience the support of other committed couples doing the course.


Online Sessions