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Engaged Testimonies

“Enjoyable, revealing and rewarding, you’ll be encouraged to consider things you may not even be aware you need to think about.”

Jason & Katlyn

“Useful, practical, deeply insightful and encouraging.”

Andrew & Tara

“We loved how interactive this course was and how much closer it has brought us together.
Thank you!”

Emily & Brian

“An intense, helpful and extremely well-constructed course for engaged couples wanting to get the most out of their marriage.”

Carol & Steve

“We’ve come out with a better understanding of who we are individually and where we want to go collectively as a married couple with actual plans. We’ve already implemented a few of the techniques we’ve learnt from the course.”

Maria & Lucio

“We really enjoyed participating in this course at our own pace and having so many valuable resources available to us along the way.”

James & Veronica

“The highlight of SmartLoving for us would be the friendly and down to earth personalities of the team, especially Byron and Francine and how they make the course easy to listen to and understand.”

Jovy & Lan Huong

“A useful way to take time out and think beyond the superficial. The practical activities were so enlightening for us.”

Phoebe & Greg

“I am full of awe at what lays ahead. One thing that didn’t hit me until a little while ago was the fact that when we are married, I won’t have to do this alone but we’ll have prayer on my side and the power of the sacraments to help us grow in our union. It’s a very encouraging thought.”

Tim & Sarah

“A great course to really open up and build your relationship. Worth every cent to learn how to really love your fiance with many practical tips and helpful insights.”

Christian & Joan