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Engaged Mentoring

A multimedia course for couples preparing for marriage

SmartLoving Engaged is an innovative program to prepare you and fiancé for Marriage in the Catholic Church. 

This comprehensive course is a rich audio-visual experience that takes you on a journey of discovery, guided by video input and supplemented by the lived experience of married mentor couples. The content takes the timeless wisdom of theology and the most recent insights from psychology to give you and your fiancé the tools you need to understand what marriage is and set you up for a loving and fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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Flexible Formats Available


You will be matched with a trained Mentor couple who will walk with you and your fiance through this exciting time in your life.


Hosted by a mentor couple, the group course takes a variety of formats depending on the location. 


A fully online experience of SmartLoving Engaged

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 Course Overview

1. A Mission to Love

This session introduces the concept of Smart Loving – a practical insight designed to make a couple’s efforts to love more efficient by helping them learn the specific ways in which their fiancé experiences love. The role of affirmation is also addressed.

2. Dialogue: Being One

Using the L.I.F.E. communication framework, couples will learn how to communicate effectively and intimately. A technique for accomplishing Emotional Communion (empathy) is also taught

3. Knowing Me, Knowing You

A detailed examination of the couple’s attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and marriage, looking particularly at their family of origin. The impact of other significant relationships including emotional injuries is addressed.

4. Building Unity

Couples learn how to use the Stop-Reflect-Connect tool for values based decision making. Conflict and the role of forgiveness is examined, including an adaptation for the Stop-Reflect-Connect tool for the specific purpose of reconciliation.

5. Sex: Sacred Embrace

Examines how, contrary to popular belief, marital sex is an intimate communication rather than just a recreational activity. The concept of sex as a sacramental gesture and a renewal of wedding vows is explored.

5b: A Total Gift of Self

Provided as an at home activity via the Member Hub (live events) or as an extra session (online), this topic explores fertility and the natural methods of regulation.

6. Soul Mates for Life

Addresses the sacramentality of marriage and will direct couples towards spiritual intimacy with their fiancé. Specific issues relating to couples of mixed faith are addressed along with an introduction to couple prayer.

Key Features

  • Presented by trained and experienced married couples
  • Six sessions of 2 hours duration
  • Each session includes private couple sharing and innovative tools to help form good relationship habits
  • 1-2 hours of self-directed tools and activities
  • Flexible formats and learning experience
  • Participant Workbook that has content, activities, stories from other couples and insights from Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

Extras included when you register

  • 12 month subscription to the Engaged Member’s Hub
  • Access to the Catholic Wedding Liturgy Planner

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for:

  • Engaged couples
  • Couples who are seriously dating and thinking about marriage
  • Newlywed couples

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