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SmartLoving @ Home

A toolbox of tips, tricks and things you need to know to love smart every day.

Choose from a wide range of easily downloadable content – for your own interest, to share with your spouse or to use with friends or a community group.

Comprised of an interactive PDF that can be comfortably read on a computer screen or tablet, or printed two-per-page for paper copies, these stand alone topics are perfect for couple gatherings or individual use. Each edition includes input on the topic, several individual reflections, a couple reflection exercise, scripture reflection and suggested prayer.

For less than the cost of a movie ticket, you can use the resource with up to ten people.

Only AU$10 each

Available for instant download in the MRC shop. Check back again – new topics added regularly.


  1. The Ambitious Couple | Helps couples develop greater ambition for their marital intimacy.
  2. Hear Me, Know Me – Examines the art of listening.
  3. Sexuality as Gift – Embracing our gender differences.
  4. Responsible Honesty – Explores honesty and the effects of diverse forms of infidelity in a marriage.
  5. Grateful – Explores the power of gratitude when used in a marriage.